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If you're looking to increase leads online, the first step is to create an SEO optimised website.

While social media does work in some industries and can bring in high amounts of traffic and conversions, building up a following on a platform you don't actually own can be risky.

In fact, in 2022, the average reach on an organic Facebook post is down to just 0.07% - that is dismal.

The benefit of a website is that it is a marketing tool that you own.

Over time, you can add additional content, new products and services and build your brand around a central hub built for conversions - a reliable, fast and completely optimised website.

Focus on these aspects when having a new website built:

seo friendly.

There's no point in building a website if it will never be found. Make sure your website is built with SEO front and centre. That means building for users first, Google second.

mobile responsive.

Google and other search engines have been focused on mobile-first indexing since 2016 and earlier. If you're building a website, make sure it's mobile responsive - not just mobile adaptive.

conversion focused.

Having a website and driving traffic is great for awareness, but it won't improve your bottom line. Focus on creating a website that is built for conversions - fast, trustworthy and easy to enquire.

built for owners.

It shouldn't be a difficult and time-consuming task to jump into your website and make minor edits. Get a website that you can familiarise yourself with and manage independently.

For custom-built WordPress websites built locally in Perth, I recommend speaking to Organik Web.

If you're a small local business looking for a website that is easy for you to customise and make changes as needed, contact me for advice and recommendations.

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