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The end goal of Google's organic search engine (other than to make money of course) is to provide the most accurate, reliable and complete answer to a user's query.

As a business owner hoping to appear at the top of results for your focus keyword, this should be your focus.

Don't simply write as much as you can solely based on what comes to mind at the time. Put your mindset in the user's shoes and answer, in full, their query - whether that be with written, visual or video content.

While Google does have some content policies and specific algorithms around the health and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) niches, you can rest assured that well-written and honest content will improve your ability to rank.

Content written and promoted on your website should cover four key areas:

provide the answer.

The main priority for Google is to answer the searcher's question in full. Provide a complete and informative page on each of your services and products and watch the traffic and enquiries flow through.

content structure.

No one online has more than a few minutes spare in their day, and you need to write as such. Break up your content with headings, list items, images, videos and more to make it easy to understand.

topical relevance.

If you want to become an authority for your industry or niche, you need to prove your depth of knowledge. Cover multiple similar topics and internally link between articles to build topical relevance.

local language.

Heading down to Margs for the weekend? Yeh mate, going to fire up the barbie and have a few cold ones. We speak a bit different here in WA, and it's important that you write for your local audience.

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