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This website was created to house a few of my current projects, test unusual SEO strategies, and showcase some of my work with local Perth businesses.

Day to day I work as the Search Director of an SEO specialist agency in Perth called White Chalk Road. You can learn more about me and my role by reading my team page.

While my day job and personal projects eats into most of my spare time, I occasionally take on short projects and provide advice to local businesses and marketing professionals interested in SEO.

seo. promote your business online.

Ready to optimise your business website, reach additional customers, generate additional online sales or sell your local service offerings?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a long-term online marketing strategy that has continued to evolve over the past 20+ years due to continual Google algorithm updates.

Nowadays, there is a strong importance on a few key aspects:


Focus on providing a memorable experience to your customers. Answer their query in full, providing images, videos and functionality that leaves them satisfied with your website.

technical seo.

It's 2022 - if your website takes more than a few seconds to load, I'm sorry... but I'm out. Make sure you have a secure, fast and reliable website that your customers will love.


Your business is trustworthy and honest? Yep, so are all your competitors. Don't just say it - prove it. Gather reviews and get promoted on other websites to boost your website authority.


One of the biggest issues that I see time and time again is that local businesses aren't investing in content. Written, imagery, video - it's all important and should be a priority.

With 20+ years in the industry and over 50 genuine 5-star reviews on Google, White Chalk Road is an SEO specialist agency that will help your business succeed and excel online.

If you're ready to get started, contact me for specialist advice and recommendations.

content. tell your business story.

The end goal of Google's organic search engine (other than to make money of course) is to provide the most accurate, reliable and complete answer to a user's query.

As a business owner hoping to appear at the top of results for your focus keyword, this should be your focus.

Don't simply write as much as you can solely based on what comes to mind at the time. Put your mindset in the user's shoes and answer, in full, their query - whether that be with written, visual or video content.

While Google does have some content policies and specific algorithms around the health and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) niches, you can rest assured that well-written and honest content will improve your ability to rank.

Content written and promoted on your website should cover four key areas:

provide the answer.

Your main priority for existing and new customers is to answer their questions. Provide a complete and informative page on your service or product and watch the traffic and enquiries flow through.

content structure.

No one online has more than a few minutes spare in their day, and you need to write as such. Break up your content with headings, list items, images, videos and more to make it easy to understand.

topical relevance.

If you want to become an authority for your industry or niche, you need to prove your depth of knowledge. Cover multiple similar topics and internally link between articles to build topical relevance.

local language.

Heading down to Margs for the weekend? Yeh mate, going to fire up the barbie and have a few cold ones. We speak a bit different here in WA, and it's important that you write for your local audience.

White Chalk Road has a team of in-house Perth SEO marketing professionals that are SEO copywriting certified. To get your message out, drive interest and engagement of your brand, and ultimately increase sales, chat to the team at White Chalk Road.

If you're ready to start writing content for your business and in need of some guidance on topics to cover and recommended structure of your pages, get in touch.

boost awareness.

Google Display Ads and YouTube Video Ads will drive awareness of your brand, products and service offerings. Paired with remarketing, you'll be able to target new and existing customers.

generate traffic.

After generating awareness, drive conversions with Google Search Ads. Google search ads will drive qualified traffic allowing your website to convert them to paying customers.

increase enquiries.

Google Ads is an effective way to increase the number of leads your business receives. Whether you're looking to increase calls, form enquiries or sales, improve your ROI with Google Ads.

drive foot traffic.

Promote your local Google Business Profile (Google My Business) listing in Google Search and Google Maps with Google Ads. Prompt potential local customers to visit your place of business.

As one of Australia's longest-running Google Partner agencies, White Chalk Road can provide industry-leading Google Ads management services to make sure your investment is spent wisely.

If you want to learn more about Google Ads and how it can impact your bottom line, get in touch.

websites. own your online presence.

If you're looking to increase leads online, the first step is to create an SEO optimised website.

While social media does work in some industries and can bring in high amounts of traffic and conversions, building up a following on a platform you don't actually own can be risky.

In fact, in 2022, the average reach on an organic Facebook post is down to just 0.07% - that is dismal.

The benefit of a website is that it is a marketing platform that you own.

Over time, you can add additional content, new products and services and build your brand around a central hub built for conversions - a reliable, fast and completely optimised website.

Focus on these aspects when having a new website built:

seo friendly.

There's no point in building a website if it will never be found. Make sure your website is built with SEO front and centre. That means building for users first, Google second.

mobile responsive.

Google and other search engines have been focused on mobile-first indexing since 2016 and earlier. If you're building a website, make sure it's mobile responsive - not just mobile adaptive.

conversion focused.

Having a website and driving traffic is great for awareness, but it won't improve your bottom line. Focus on creating a website that is built for conversions - fast, trustworthy and easy to enquire.

built for owners.

It shouldn't be a difficult and time-consuming task to jump into your website and make minor edits. Get a website that you can familiarise yourself with and manage independently.

For custom-built WordPress websites built locally in Perth, I recommend speaking to Organik Web.

If you're a small local business looking for a website that is easy for you to customise and make changes as needed, contact me for advice and recommendations.

portfolio. recently completed work.

I have a range of personal projects and local Perth businesses that I work with.

Here are a few of my most recent projects:


Updating an old outdated website with one built for conversions. We saw an instant boost in traffic and enquiry levels.
Visit e-Solar

e-Solar Perth.

beer is ok.

To test new and emerging SEO techniques, I built Beer Is OK - since growing to 10,000+ organic monthly sessions.
Visit Beer Is OK

Beer Is OK seo and website design case study.

morley canvas.

In a few competitive local industries, I focused on a new website and a mixture of onsite/offsite SEO to generate leads.
Visit Morley Canvas

Morley Canvas seo and website design case study.

roof access wa.

With a limited budget and focus on rural WA regions, I built a business-owner friendly website and focused on local SEO.
Visit Roof Access WA

Roof Access WA SEO and website design case study.

coogee chiropractic.

Coogee Chiropractic was in need of a new website that is mobile responsive and easy for users to enquire and find their address.
Visit Coogee Chiropractic

Coogee Chiropractic website design project.

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